Our naturopath’s guide to afternoon energy crashes

The mid-afternoon energy crash: We’ve all felt it before.

In the morning, we felt productive and zoomed through our to-do list. 

But 3pm hit like a tonne of bricks, and now we feel sluggish, tired, and like we can barely string a sentence together. 

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re in the right place.

Our in-house naturopath, Rach, is here to explain the causes of our afternoon energy slump, and more importantly – what we can do to overcome it.

The cause of your afternoon energy crash

“An afternoon energy dip is usually caused by falling blood sugar levels,” says Rach.

“It’s natural for healthy blood sugar levels to have a gentle rise and fall throughout the day, but things like an unbalanced meal, stress, coffee, and sugar can trigger a sharp spike in our blood sugar levels. And after the peak? Comes the plummet – AKA the afternoon energy crash”. 

It looks a little like this…

But it’s not just plummeting blood sugar levels that have us yawning our way into the afternoon – our blood pressure also plays a part.

“Dehydration, not enough fresh air, a lack of movement, and a poor night’s sleep can also contribute to our 3pm energy crashes. This is because for us to function properly, our brains and bodies need plenty of water, oxygen, movement, and proper rest time – all of which contribute to healthy blood flow and sustained energy,” says Rach. 

How to avoid a crash

If you’re a person who automatically reaches for sugar or coffee to counteract those plummeting afternoon energy levels, it’s not your fault – it’s the way our brains are wired.

“When your energy levels drop, our brains unconsciously start looking for the things that will boost our energy levels the fastest. And that’s almost always sugary foods, coffee, or refined carbohydrates. Craving something sweet to boost your energy levels has nothing to do with a lack of will power – it’s a built-in survival mechanism” says Rach. 

We might not be able to control our brain’s reaction to an energy dip. But there is plenty we can do to avoid the dip altogether.

Eat a balanced diet

According to Rach, diet is one of the leading causes of energy slumps. To stabilise your energy levels, it’s important to eat a meal that includes:

  • Protein (meat or pulses)
  • Good fat (avocado, nuts)
  • Fibre (veges)
  • Low-gi carbohydrates (wholegrains)

Protein (meat or pulses)

Good fat (avocado, nuts)

Fibre (veges)

Low-gi carbohydrates (wholegrains)

A balanced meal with these 4 components keeps you feeling fuller for longer and supports stable, all-day energy.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking 2 litres of water a day will help increase oxygen flow in your blood – reducing tiredness. 

Make outside movement part of your day

Stepping outside to get some fresh air and stretch your body supports your blood flow and energy levels.

Rach recommends at least 20 minutes per day of movement and exposure to sunlight. Even just a walk around the block will help to oxygenate your blood and lift your energy.

Prioritise sleeping well

Your nighttime sleep directly impacts your daytime energy. And because ‘getting a good sleep’ is easier said than done, we’ve compiled the top 6 science-backed tips for getting a better night's sleep to get you on your way to sleeping well.

How long will it take before I notice a difference?

All good things take time, but if you stick with these small lifestyle adjustments, you’ll likely notice a difference within a week.

“Most people who start focusing on eating and sleeping well, staying hydrated, and getting a little more exercise and sunshine every day will notice an improvement to their overall energy levels within just 4-5 days,” says Rach.

And if you need a little extra help defending against the afternoon energy slump? We’ve got just the thing!

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Psst… Hi, I’m Rach!

Naturopath | Dog Mum | Ray of sunshine

As Mister Jones’s resident naturopath, I’m passionate about helping women improve their health and get more out of life.

If you ever have a question about our range, want to discuss your unique health circumstances, or you just want to say hi? You can always reach me at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you!

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