7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System In 7 Days

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System In 7 Days



Let’s be honest: this whole COVID thing isn’t going away as soon as we’d like it to. So right now, it’s more important than ever that you take care of yourself first.

As women, whether we like it or not, we are relied upon by many. Children, partners, parents, friends, pets, house plants, they all look to us for support. And if we’re not looking after ourselves first, we’re basically pouring from an empty cup!So let’s use this time of isolation as an opportunity to do all of those self-care things we’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t ever had time for (until now!)

Here are 7 easy, simple ways you can do just that from the comfort of your own home. Just add one of these tips into your routine each day for 7 days to give your immune system a good ol’ boost and start feeling darn good!

1. Breeeeeeat he.

Stress is one crafty little bugger. It produces a hormone called cortisol that directly decreases the body's infection-killing white blood cells - the lower your white blood cell count, the more at risk of viruses you are. Damn, no thanks!

While it’s completely normal to feel stressed and anxious with the uncertainty that lies ahead it’s important to acknowledge that stress, feel it, address it and allow it to pass.

Some stress relievers we actually use:

• Headspace app - free guided mediations (that work!)

• Calm app - free soothing mindfulness sounds

• Google 'Progressive Muscle Relaxation'

• Take 5 minutes to have a cuppa, no phone!

2. Avoid sugary, processed foods.

I know, I know. The temptation to reach for sweets right now is sky high. So, let's prepare for that temptation rather than trying to suppress it.

Homemade banana bread or bliss balls are super quick and easy to make. Plus they're a much better option to grab-and-go when your sweet tooth starts acting up.

Take this time to get in the kitchen more in general. Cooking is a great escape, a handy hobby, a fun family activity, and about 5000x more satisfying than snacking on a Cornetto for lunch. Promise.

3. Get that beauty sleep. 

Not to sound like your mum, but you need to go to bed young lady! While you sleep, your body produces a bunch of fancy proteins that fight off infection & viruses in your bod. But here's the catch - it only makes these when you're asleep! So put down the phone, switch off Netflix, and get some Zzz's.

Do your immune system a favour!

• Put your phone out of reach

• Pour yourself a cuppa

• Dim the lights a bit

• Pop on a bedtime Spotify playlist

• Read a book (how old school!)

• Seriously, don't touch that phone

4. Fuel up on tea. 

Let’s spill the tea... on tea. I know most of us are probably avid coffee drinkers (guilty!) but tea is stacked with powerful antioxidants and amino acids to help fight germs and improve immune function. Nice!

Plus, taking 5 minutes to unplug, have a cup of tea, and let your mind wander is an easy way to decrease stress-levels (check out point #1 for more tips!)

Best teas throughout your day:

Need a morning pick-me-up?

English Breakfast for a caffeine hit

Matcha for delicious antioxidants

For the afternoon tea break

Green Tea for stacks of health benefits

Black Tea for relaxing brew

Ready for bed?

Chamomile Tea for stress relief

Peppermint Tea for post-dinner digestion

5. Brush those teeth!

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but the mouth is the window to the immune system. Sure, that doesn’t sound as poetic, but it’s a fact that oral health problems are often the first chink in the armour towards a weakened immune system.

See, when you have a build-up of decay and bacteria, you risk infections that your immune system has to fight off. While your immune system is at war with these infections, it's less efficient at fighting other nasties you come into contact with. So keep that system in fighting-form by keeping your mouth minty fresh. 

Set yourself a thorough dental care routine:

• Floss before you brush

• Brush for at least 2 minutes twice a day

• Use anti-bacterial mouthwash

• Add in a midday brushing session! 

6. Get that body moving.

It's easy to turn being home-bound into being couch-bound (trust us, we know!) but moving your body a little each day is so important. See, when you get your blood pumping, it's way easier for your body to circulate white blood cells to seek out and destroy infection, viruses, and any other nasty gatecrashers.

Plus, exercise releases a bunch of feel-good hormones - uhh yes please!

Your routine doesn't have to rival Chris Hemsworth's training to become the next on-screen superhero, it just has to be consistent and get your heart rate up a bit.

• We love the Sweat app by Kayla Itsines

• We also dig Keep It Cleaner's at-home program! 

• Couch To 5k is an app for beginners & all skill levels

• Go for a walk/jog around the block (if you can)

• Run around in your yard with the kids

• Wear a step-counter

• Get the whole family involved!

7. Add More Probiotics to Your Menu.

Probiotics are our secret weapon during this time. These bad boys line your respiratory and gut mucosa and help prevent microbes, bacteria, and viruses (like you know who...) from being able to infiltrate your immune system.

Foods full of lovely natural probiotics:

• Yoghurt with live/active cultures (aim for 1B CFU per serve)

• Kombucha

• Aged cheeses

• Miso soup

• Kimchi

• Saltwater brined pickles & olives

• Sourdough bread

While these tips will certainly boost your immune system it’s really important to remember that consistency is key 🔑

Think of caring for your immune system like caring for a friend. You can’t chat to them one day and then ignore them for two weeks - rude!

Don’t pressure yourself to start adding these new habits all at once - just take it a day at a time.

Let's be honest, this whole COVID thing isn't going away as soon as we'd like it to. So what we need are long term solutions to protect ourselves and our family. It's now more important than ever that we prioritise our health above all else.

But geez...

That's easier said than done right?

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