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Energy… It’s something we take for granted, right? After all, we’re young and should… just… feel vital. But if you’ve caught yourself reaching for a coffee the moment your sleep-filled eyes flutter open, pulled a chocolate bar from your desk to ease past that mid-afternoon hump, or mindlessly stuffed handfuls of chips into your mouth as you trudge home from a long work day, we hear you! And we need to talk.

See, too much junk food sucks energy from us like a Hollywood vampire. We know, whatcha gonna do when your fire has tanked and there are still jobs to do? We’ll get to that soon, promise ;) First, let’s talk about two serious energy vampires that rear their ugly heads, and often.

The utter exhaustion of it all

There are a number of energy vampires; habits that suck the life force from your gorgeous self. The two most common? Poor food choices and stress.

The problem with poor food choices...

As energy wanes, it’s oh so tempting to reach for another caffeine hit, a sugary boost or a junk food infusion. We get it, gorgeous! Life’s too busy to slow down. But have you ever wondered why you feel so flat?

You’re hoping for that instant boost of energy, that pick me needed to get you through until the end of the day… and yes, you may get an initial boost of energy from those 4 squares of chocolate (actually who am I kidding? That WHOLE block of chocolate)… but the flow on effect is brutal. Finding energy in all the wrong places results in all the wrong results.

When the crash comes, and it will come, you’ll feel worse than (*shutter*) rocking up to that party in the same dress as your bestie…. And the crash is only just the beginning, poor food choices can cause nutrient deficiencies and energy lows. Throw anti-nutrients into the mix — the harmful components of fast food that provide no nourishment and consume our much needed nutrients — and these quick bites have ongoing impacts.

The strain of stress...

At a cellular level, stress changes our biology. And it takes a whole lotta energy to sustain, which is why ongoing emotional strain sucks your vitality dry.

Scary, hey?

If these energy vampires have been guzzling your mojo, leaving you feeling as flat as a tired old Yoga mat, it’s time we talk about what fast food and stress are really doing to your insides…

And, then, we’ll let you in on a secret… There is another option, babe. A better way to feel completely energised. This disruptive game changer will help you to look and feel your best. To radiate inner and outer beauty. Without the BS!

So why should you care?

Poor energy comes with nasty flow on effects. Sometimes these are underlying, low grade, just there. At other times, they can rise up like tsunami. Mood swings - Check. Skin breakouts - You betcha. Poor sleep - Absolutely. Relationships - Let’s just say that a gal with a constant grizzle can be hard to hang around. Career - You’ve gotta have the energy to put in the work to get you where you want to go.

Energy explained: What exactly is energy any hoo?

Energy is important because it’s what we run on, how we function. Without ample energy, we’re like that car teetering on fumes alone. Nothing works quite as well as it should and we feel tired, grumpy and ‘off’.

How does energy get produced?

As we munch on food, the gastric juices bubble in readiness for some serious digestive action. A swallow delivers the chewed nibbles down the food pipe and into the tummy, where they’re churned and broken down further. When they reach the right consistency, the digested nutrients are released into the intestine where absorption begins.

These nutrients — amino acids from protein, sugars from polysaccharides, fatty acids and glycerol from fats — are then transformed in the body’s teeny tiny powerhouses (the mitochondria) into the energy we need to thrive. It’s kind of like throwing volatile chemicals together in a high school Chem class and watching as they explode. That explosion is energy! And just like that experiment we, too, need a combination of ingredients to energize our body and mind.

That begs the question, yeah, which ones?

CoQ10, green tea polyphenols, the Ayurvedic herb, Bacopa monnieri, and extracts from Rhodiola rosea take the cake.

The incredible butterfly gland...

There is an incredible butterfly shaped organ that sits at the base of the throat. It’s called the thyroid gland. Although small, weighing only 20 to 60 grams, she’s got an energetic attitude. Driving the mitochondria, she is queen of the energy creation castle. And like all great women, she achieves massive results through leading her team, in this case, at a cellular level. Nutrients including iodine (especially from kelp), zinc and magnesium are key to her ability to create the energy we need for a healthy, beautiful life.

What’s insulin got to do with it?

Heard of the hormone, insulin, babe? As sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream, any excess energy needs to be delivered into storage quickly. See, our blood sugar level must remain within a finely tuned range. Too low and we splutter like that car running out of petrol. Too high and this sticky substance harms by, well, sticking to stuff. So when we eat lots of sugar, the body releases its in-built failsafe. The hormone, insulin, is produced to grab the sugar molecules by the hand and guide them into the relative safety of our cells. In health, this lowers our blood sugar level back to its ideal norm.


When a delish chocolate cake or cinnamon sprinkled doughnut calls your name?

The sugar hit triggers the release of insulin. This urgently pulls the sugar from your bloodstream and delivers it into your cells. Awesome, yeah? Yes, but there’s a catch. If insulin works too well, your blood sugars fall farther than it should and you, in effect, become a spluttering car on the verge of conking out. In we women, this looks like fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, irritability and, you guessed it, sugar cravings with the aim of raising your now plummeting blood sugar level. Over time, this can cause a sluggish insulin response and these symptoms can become all too frequent.

Sugary choices can pick us up, absolutely. But then they throw us down like a 2am tequila shot. As the low kicks in, the only truly safe place would be home, tucked up in bed. Instead, life rolls on. The mood swings hit… Anxiety… Cravings… Irritability… And the utter exhaustion of it all.

The better news?

Hey, we all face plant into sweets and vodka on occasion. I mean, what kind of life is one lived without chocolate? (We feel you, not on our watch either!) Wonderfully, nature provides an antidote. Key nutrients like B vitamins, the herb lemon balm and humble black pepper all help insulin to do its job well and that means better energy.

Wanna know the secret, gorgeous?

No matter what the energy drain is; whether you’re run off your feet, chasing an impossible boss, partying until 4am, there’s an awesome, easy way to supercharge your energy, naturally…

Nature’s healthier option...

Imagine energy boosting nutrition gently blended into a supplement so you can get what you need, quickly, without changing your lifestyle. We know feasting on kale smoothies and vegan salads suit some but we’ve got a life to live! Bacopa monnieri, black pepper,  B vitamins, C0Q10, iodine, green tea polyphenols, lemon balm, and Rhodiola rosea together fire up our energy powerhouses, replenish the thyroid, and better balance insulin to gift you an energetic, fun life in a hectic modern world.

That’s why The Perfect Pair is so adored! It’s the power of nutrition, wrapped up by science, and consumed as a simple, easy supplement. After all, we each need powerful secret shortcuts to max how we live life.


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