Why we made our tea collection

Feeling stressed? Fatigued? 

Stuck in the too-busy loop and relying on the quick energy hits of sugar and caffeine just to make it through the day? We know exactly what it’s like. 

This is exactly why we created our herbal tea range.

From the health benefits backed by ancient wisdom, to the moments of mindfulness that come with taking a moment to stop and sip – herbal teas are filled to the brim with benefits.

The story behind our tea range

When it comes to health and wellness, conversations are anchored in doing more. 

More exercise. More meal prep. More accomplishments. 

It’s go-go-go and more-more-more.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t factor in a vital component of mind-body wellness – rest.

It sounds simple, but taking a moment to pause each day is one of the most powerful ways you can support your mental and physical health. 

Research has shown that short, relaxing breaks help reset your mood, reduce stress, and boost wellbeing. They’ve been proven to help maintain your stamina throughout the day and reduce your need for a long end-of-day recovery period (or as we like to call it – crashing on the lounge as soon as you get home). 

We created our tea collection to help you lean into the power of the pause.

To bring you calm in the chaos.

And to make your daily moments of self-care even more delicious.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes our range of premium teas so special.

Six organic teas for me-time, anytime

We’ve carefully crafted each type of tea blend to consider not only the aroma, flavour, and ingredients – but also when it’s best sipped and how each blend can uniquely benefit your mind and body. 

Daily Zen | Low caffeine green tea  •  ENERGY, RELAXATION, STRESS DEFENCE

A fresh spin on an ancient classic, Daily Zen takes everything you love about sencha green tea and gives it a lighter, brighter makeover.

A green tea that’s good for a lift without the crash, this blend contains less caffeine than your average organic green tea and brings together energy-supporting gynostemma and metabolism-nurturing tulsi.

What goes into Daily Zen

Squeeze the Day | Sweet lemon tea  •  SUGAR CRAVINGS, IMMUNITY, ADRENAL SUPPORT

When it's 3pm and you're opening up the pantry looking for something sweet, decadent, and preferably dipped in sugar, reach for a mug of Squeeze the Day tea instead.

Loaded with flavour, this combination of lemon myrtle, lemongrass, and liquorice root tea is perfect for curbing those dreaded afternoon sugar cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth.

What goes into Squeeze the Day

Midday Mojito | Refreshing peppermint & liquorice tea  •  SUGAR CRAVINGS, DIGESTION, NAUSEA

With all the relaxation and refreshment of a beachside cocktail, Midday Mojito will freshen your palate and your day.

Blending together liquorice root and peppermint tea, two ingredients known for their digestive benefits, this herbal mint tea is as much a treat for your taste buds as it is for your tummy.

What goes into Midday Mojito


If you have trouble sleeping, try a Bedtime Bouquet, our herbal tea for sleep. 

Made with delicate florals and warming herbals to help you drift into relaxation, we recommend drinking a mug of this nighttime tea 30 minutes before you tuck in for the night.

What goes into Bedtime Bouquet

Ooh Lala | French earl grey with a twist  •  RELAXATION, DIGESTION, SKIN HEALTH

Ooh Lala takes the familiar taste of bergamot-infused ceylon you already love, and turns up the vibrancy with juicy orange peel, rose petals, and lavender. 

A moderately caffeinated blend, Ooh Lala is a French earl grey designed to give you a calm, jitter-free lift and support your skin health through its potent antioxidant content.

What goes into Ooh Lala

Ginger Twist | Delicious ginger & lemon tea •  SUGAR CRAVINGS, DIGESTION, NAUSEA

If you've ever caught yourself dreaming of a guilt-free sweet treat you can enjoy all day long, then Ginger Twist was made for you. 

Made with caffeine-free ingredients known to support healthy digestion, this light and bright lemon and ginger tea is a perfect companion for when you’re feeling a little sluggish.

What goes into Ginger Twist

Fill your mug and fill your (metaphorical) cup

Our tea collection was made to make every teatime feel like me-time.

It’s our hope that with a mug in your hand you’ll…Lean into the power of the pause. Find moments of calm in the chaos. And make small acts of self-care a part of your every day.

Shop our Australian tea blends

Bedtime Bouquet

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Ooh Lala

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Daily Zen

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Squeeze The Day

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Bedtime Bouquet

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Ooh Lala

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